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Fit Affinity Customer Reviews


Love it!
"Gives me alot of energy and i no longer feel tired all day"
Ezreen F.
Love my bundle!
"I've been on this bundle two months now and now down over 10 pounds, I'm absolutely loving my results. Can't wait to see my results after a couple more months! "
Kaila B.
love it. thanks for the awesome, planned out workouts.
"Great workout. Got the muscles pumping for sure.. thanks so much"
tiera c.
This stuff is GOOD!!!
"This helps with that after eating bloat..and it's makeing my stomach flat!!! Good Stuff"
I love how challenging it
"I love how challenging it was. I have a better idea of where my fitness level is at and which muscle groups I need to work on the most to make them stronger. "
Vickie H.
Lean fat burner
"Only took one a day before my workout in the afternoon which is typically when I am low on energy and motivation. Gave me the energy to workout and keep going after that, lost my stubborn last 10 pounds with this routine! Bought a second bottle of it now because I'm so happy with the results. Definitely recommend ! "
"I bought the bundle and LOVE it! The pre-workout is my favorite so far! I'm not much on taking pills but these pills have helped me feel like I'm burning more calories and feel less bloated! I love this bundle and will be buying again!"
Amber B.
Amazing product
"I'm still using the day burners along with the body sculptures and the tummy toners and I love the all I see a huge difference and the an work out I received is AMAZING will be getting more soon"
leigha d.
"I lost 10 pounds so far it's amazing results I always had a problem with weight and been dieting and trying other pills. These so far improved my weight loss and I'm becoming more confident still have a far way to go but it's an amazing start. "
Katrina K.
It is great
"It was great I loss a bit from my tummy "
Susan C.
Lean fat burner is the best
"l have so much energy when take every morning. great product."
claudia L coreas
I love the products and recommend them
"I'm so full of energy I have lost 30 kgs in four months"
sue T.
Lean Fat Burner Tablets
"It was and is excellent!! I used them to lose some weight for my wedding this past June. I ended up losing a total of 7kg's which was a fantastic start!! I'm still not quite where I want to be plus we went on a cruise for our honeymoon and we ate a lot of food so I gained 2kgs back but I'm back down to pre honey moon weight and am continuing my journey. Thank you Fit Affinity!"
Galinas, N.
Finally a product that actually works!!
"Used it for a month. It really boosts your energy and keep you on your toes. With exercise results come much more faster but recommend to always eat a meal before taking it."
"I was skeptical but I started losing weight the first few days!!!"
Serena P.
Omg I'm in love best
"Omg I'm in love best product ever"
Rafaela M.
Great product
"Definitely helped with bloating"
Naomi M.
Work Great
"Very Good. It works well on me."
Catherine L.
Awesome :)
"Love this product ... works awesome"
Delia W.
Excellent product
"I have just started using it for a week now and it feels wonderful. My stomach does not feel bloated like it used to moreover my body feels so light that my confidence is over the top"
Menguzenuo S.
It works!
"It really suppresses the appetite, after the course I lost 5% of my body fat."
Viktorija D.
Excellent product
"I love it, i reduced 5 cm in my waist"
Paola G.
"Hasta ahora me ha dado buenos resultados!!!el ore workout es buenísimo!!!"
Veronica P.
It works!
"It worked very well for me"
Amber N.
Great for motivation
"My experience with the product was great, since I've been using this and already lost 5kg!!"
Ine S.
I am very happy with
"I am very happy with this bundle I have lost 9.4 kilos in 10 weeks"
Lorraine H.
I swear by the product
"I have never had so much energy by being on this product and it has helped me lose 30 kg in 6 months."
sue T.
The BEST burner
"I will never try another burner, this one is the BEST and no side effects. You do need to eat healthy and work out for this to enhance your weight loss."
Jean H.
Just gave it a go!
"I saw this product on Facebook and decided to ask a friend for advice because I had never heard of it before, she said I would just be better off sticking to diet and exercise, but I decided to give it a go anyway, after 3 weeks of using this I lost 9lbs!! and I am so happy that I decided to trust my instinct and go for it, Now I'm ready to try the weight loss bundle next, and looking forward to a whole new wardrobe!! :)"
Kaarina L.
Nice workout plan easy to follow with a little equipment.
"Had to buy dumbells but its a great routine :)"
Cassandra M.