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Fit Affinity Customer Reviews


Great Product
"It's only been a few days and I've lost 3 pounds. This product really does give you energy and helps you lose the weight. Would recommend to anyone!"
Definitely recommend !!
"This gave me the perfect kick I needed to loose weight right before vacation !! "
Nicki D.
"They are definitely something to get if you are wanting to get fit and just because I'm 80 lbs over weight it has helped me toned down and stay at a healthy consist weight however I did loose 15 pounds "
"Loved every product! The pre-workout gets you going with a burst of energy and readiness to work your body! The fat burner alone even makes you sweat and pumped up for your workout or even regular daily activities! Sculpt helps with the deadly cravings and sweet subdues! Lastly, but not least! The tight tummy solely helped tummy bloating and my digestive system all throughout my diet! Overall, these products are doing my body justice! ♡"
"Great workout tips "
Blanca L.
Amazing Product
"Just been a week since I used this product, and I must say, I've lost 3 and half inch off my waist. Would get the lean and firm sculpture by next week. Thanks fit affinity for such an amazing product. Did I mention that the delivery took just ten days to Nigeria?. I love you guys so much. Y'all would be seeing more of me. "
Nigerian Girl
Body Sculptor
"Excellent product "
Angela G.
Tania from Texas
"Helped me loose 13 lbs including and maintain the loss."
It really works
"I have lost 1stone in 3 weeks, amazing results"
Katerina D.
Love this product
"A natural thermo product it makes me sweat more than usual during my training which is perfect for Australia's current freezing winter weather! No side affects or tummy upsets (and i have a very sensitive stomach/ digestive system). Would definitely continue buying this"
Vivian T.
I LOVE this!!
"I lost almost 15 pounds in a month! I did no exercise and a light diet. They gave me no side effects that I noticed. "
Christen W.
Excellent progress
"I love this product! I love using the fat burner daily before my workouts! I can really see the changes my body has made over the last year of using these "
Kieghlea O.
"I am a 52 year old woman that just completed menopause. For four years I watched myself gain 40 lbs, that's 10 lbs a year. I was always too tired to do anything. I began Fat Burner and within 26 days I was 10 lbs lighter, that's a whole year worth of weight in only 26 days! Because of this I found myself motivated and ready to get the other 30lbs gone! Thank you!!I highly recommend Fat Burner because I found that it gives me the energy I need to work out without the jitters and my focus has returned!! I just ordered Tight Tummy and cannot wait to try it. "
Alexa Knight
Best product that gives you the energy needed for the day !!!
"I found using this product kept me going through my exercise routine and then throughout the rest of the day.. they don't give you the jitters and shakes just the energy needed for the exercise in the morning and the rest of the day without getting that tired feeling and I also don't get the sugar cravings .... Highly reccomened! "
Rhianna A.
Fat burner
"I love this Product definetely have seen a big difference over all I will be ordering again and now trying the Firm body Sculpture. I would recommend it if you want a jump start on your fitness journey."
malissa E.
Skeptical at 1st but....
"Pleasantly surprised! I think these really help speed up the weight loss. I will order again!"
Jennifer M.
Love it!!
"I love your products!!! They curve my appetite. The pre work out gave me the extra boost I wanted. "
Amanda W.
I only order this brand
"I've tried everything to get rid of tummy fat that I've had for years! I tried everything and I got this on a whim thinking it wasn't going to do anything! But my Gosh!!!! It works so great and gets me shredded. I work out a lot as it is. But this really helps me to get all the extra stubborn weight off and give me a little kick of energy the rest of the day! Just try it! I know it will work for you! I tell all my friends about it! "
Great Guide
"I love this guide it was informative and helped me on my journal of getting a nice looking waist"
Camisha H.
Great so far an will keep using
"Well so far its been great I mean i went from being 250 pounds down to 245.5 pounds with in 1 week an 1 day of starting them but still taking them an the energy level that I have had with using these pills are awesome... Once im done ill weight myself again an also I've seen some results on my stomach an can't wait to get the tight tummy ones when they are in stock.... Overall they are working great an also I've had no side effects with them what so ever"
"First month I lost 20 lbs I'm eating healthy maintaining my weight will keep ordering I'm extremely happy with the results "
They really helped me and
"They really helped me and I do HIIT TRAINING but I'm older I needed a little assistance they seem to work!! I also like that I can order when I need it and not have to have an Auto ship set up! "
Tonya W.
Great plan
"I loved how easy this was to follow because they actually tell you how to do the workouts in the back of the book. The book is great quality and I felt cool taking it with me to the gym. "
Athena F.
"I love this stuff only thing that has ever worked for me. I lost 40lbs in 8 months and have kept it off with eating right and working out."
Leighanna S.
"I was skeptical at first but decided to try it. I have to say best decision I ever made. there is no side effects and it really works. I lost 45 lbs in 3 months. I included the capsules into my routine with diet and exercise well lets just say I used the stairs a lot at my job. works perfect. try it , you will not regret it."
maybe you will not believe it, but it works.
"There's no much to say. I used to be very sceptical about diet pills in general; but I have to admit that these ones really work. Obviously It's a combination of workout and healthy eating but with Lean, I swear that your results will be at least faster, if not even better than you could ever do. It's also a way not to give up. I suggest to take them after eating and not to do cardio workout immediately after the consumption. I really rarely leave a review about something, but for this it's worth it. "
"I love every product I bought from your company. They really helped me achieve my weight loss goals. I will continue to buy products from your website. Thank you!"
Lindsey S.
Tight tummy
"Love it.!! Going to buy more soon. "
Precious D.
Awesome Supplement
"Great results after using them for 2 months."
Melissa T.
Worked for me
"I tried the 15 day pack and it worked for me. I also workout 3-4 days a week and eat as healthy as I feel like. I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks with the help of Fit affinity!"
Tabitha W.