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Fit Affinity Customer Reviews


Amazing product!
"This product does everything it says it does. My tummy is always flat now. I’m never bloated or have any stomach pain. Will definitely keep buying!!"
courtney S.
"Im very bad at taking tablets so dont see a over all success on looking tight but!... i have had great results! I do recommend this product and ive tried a few different things over the years, its definietly great not having to take yucky shakes."
claire h.
Been using for months.
"I have used this product off and on and am now back on it for good. It gives me the energy I need without the jitters. It also has helped me burn fat. With portion control and minimal exercise, I have lost 37 lbs in just over 4 months."
Dena B.
Very happy
"Can feel the tablets working definitely "
David Grima
Great supps
"Great supps would definitely use them again ! Even suggested them to a couple people and they purchased them...I am pretty lean so they do hear my advice, especially the tight core after a big meal definitely helped to get me on track quicker. Would love to share more about the supps my Instagram is 'Danieljones95' if you'd like to have a look and tell me what you think"
Daniel Jones
Amazing fatburners!
"I love how they are all natural ! Definitely have seen a huge difference and I am loving my body more and more each day !!!! :)"
Selina Espinoza
"Perfect thanks it works great "
Shabraz Asghar
Great Line of Fitness Supplements
"I feel great, more energetic and noticed that my clothes became loose especially around the tummy area. No migraine, upset tummy or mood swings. "
Maria Lourdes Varona
All products are fantastic........
"Very very nice.......I’m very happy......with ur amazing products.......Thanks "
soniya v.
One More Set
"Sometimes it’s tough to find the energy to workout after coming home from work exhausted, but this stuff really gets me in the mood to work out. It pumps me up without the jitters and gets me psyched to do One More Set! Fast delivery and it tastes great!"
jackeline s.
"Best products think they are very effective and notice a difference already after only a short time."
Mr A.
I lost 3 kg and
"I lost 3 kg and few centimeters in 30 days,The energy is high and I feel less bloated, its a great product I recommend for those who wanna lose weight and stay in shape, Im planning to buy another bundle"
Basetsana T.
V recommended
"This my first time to try your products, & I proudly say Excellent products. Very light on stomach, no feeling of fuzzy or any uncomfort like many other products. I know I'm gonna do a purchase again, after I finish thus stock. "
Awesome Sauce!
"Loved the item. Will purchase more stuff soon!"
Hadiisha B.
Amazing results!!!!
"Amazing really helped me with losing weight and gave me a lot of energy to workout. "
Denean A.
Amazing product!
"I bought the bundle and have been taking them daily for about a month. So far, I love this product. Along with a low carb diet and exercise, this product has helped me lose a good amount of weight. The tight tummy is probably my favorite! Bloat is gone so quickly! "
Brooke S.
Awesome affinity
"The supplements live up to its name. Felt tight n toned after consuming it for a month now. Definitely gives me nore strength n energy to lift those weights... Gonna get my 2nd purchase soon... "
Siti Z.
Great product
"Fast delivery great product reduces appetite and they also give you energy It has helped me lose weight and reduces boosting excellent would recommend "
"I love the pre-workout, I get instant energy from it. The tight tummy and other supplements really help keep my hunger at bay. "
Karina M.
Tight&Toned bundle
"This is great product! I am from Latvia, I ordered items around start of December, shipping was really fast, as we know in Christmas months shipping is quite slow. My experience shows that these products are amazing! I just love pre workout! I have so much energy! When I am at gym , I am all in sweats , and that’s amazing!!! Also I love fat burner and body sculptor. My legs are finally firm. In one and half months I have incredible body changes. My friends was shocked when they saw my pictures. In my experience I am working out a lot also, but these products are helping a lot! Muscles are gaining and my body is getting in great shape. I highly recommend!"
"this pre workout it gives you energy to keep you going! i love all the products! "
Love Everything So Far
"I have not quite hit a month yet on using the bundle, but so far I have seen some results and have felt great! I live an extremely active lifestyle, and since I started using these products I have noticed a difference in my energy level throughout the day, my cravings are not as bad, I feel fuller faster, and I feel so fulfilled after my workouts! I will buy from you guys again!"
Lauren M.
Pre-workout crack
"I’ve been using this product for over a year and I LOVE it. "
Gabriela A.
Love love love this product
"I love this product. It has actually helped me get my tummy tight, plus my workouts. I don’t know what is on the ingredients that help ls with keeping your belly flat but it sure works."
Glenda M.
Fantastic Product!
"I have bought the fat burner pills atleast 5 times now & have lost a little over 40lbs since Aug 2017.. I honestly dont hit the gym much but I do try to be more mindful of my food choices & try to get mini dance work outs and count steps daily.. It takes a while to see results but so far, I'm very content & look forward to trying other products to assist me even further w/ my weightloss journey.."
Estefania M.
Great products
"These products do exactly what they say they're going to! They curb your appetite, give you energy, there's no crash and there's a great amount of supply for the price. I'm on my second order and I see great results. But you have to be willing to put in the work. They're not magic pills. "
Great Product
"Gives me a great energy boost; especially during my menstrual cycle. I tend to get extremely tired during that time of the month as I am anemic and would usually not want to work out. This helps give me that extra boost I need to get in a workout (even if it's just a quick run!)."
Vicktorea B.
Spare tyre GONE !!!
"Absolutely in love with lean fat burner for her I dont do any extreme exercise I have lost weight I no longer have that extra big spare tyre I dreaded would never leave!!! I have lost a total of 6kgs so far and buzzing to loss more I will keep buying these capsules they have helped my cravings for sugar I no longer want heaps of sugar (I was the biggest sweet tooth) highly recommend for them stubborn kilos or cravings for junk etc "
Sharn L.
"I would definitely buy again, with a healthy diet and exercise, I have lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks! So happy with my results!"
Kayla S.
Weight Loss Bundle
"I’m very happy with my products and pills. I using it for a week and I already see the difference. During the day I’m full of energy en when I get home I have enough left for my exercise. Preparing for my next order but everything is almost sold out. That says a lot about these products. They are 100% recommendable."
Debora G.