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Fit Affinity Customer Reviews


Amazing product!!
"I love fit Affinity cant go a day without the pre workout and just placed my second order "
Tammy T.
Love this product!!
"Love, Love, Love!!! I have been taking the Lean Fat Burner for 3 weeks, I have lost 9.2 pounds. I am starting to see a difference in my stomach and the muffin top is shrinking. Just placed my next order and this time I am going with the weight loss bundle. "
Lori L.
Good product
"Bought some for me and my husband and we both loved it."
Crystalie S.
Amazing product!
"I have zero bloating and have seen a huge difference in the short month that I have used this system! I will definitely be ordering once I run out again!"
Charity B.
Charity B. verified customer review of Shape & Tone Bundle
Works Great
"Product has given me more energy, curved my appetite, and I have stop holding such much water weight at the end of the day. My wife has even noticed I'm back to my old 21 yr old self harder and lasting longer again. "
Scott C.
"Super easy to follow , the details are very clear and super cute to use. Love it"
St-hubert N.
Weight loss bundle
"These are amazing! I've lost 12lb in 4 weeks. Bought my 2nd lot which was very fast delivery to the UK. I would recomend these to anyone eat healthy and drink plenty water! Can't go wrong:)"
Jodie C.
"I loved it! It totally kept me full and satisfied."
Valery R.
Loved all the products. The
"Loved all the products. The shake tasted better than I expected to. Will do a before and after, soon ❤"
Aminath S.
The best product and work out routines I’ve ever used
"I’m on 3rd week with amazing results. As someone who has worked out for the last 10 years this is the best year so far !!"
Heather G.
"Very good most importantly didn’t feel any jitters Definitely would recommend if you were sensitive to fat burner "
Spomenka s.
Women's bundle
"The shake taste great. I really feel as those my cravings & appetite have been suppressed. The customer service & products have both been great."
Brandy S.
"so in love with all the products…."
Brenda A.
Omg Amazing!
"I was very very skeptic buying these. I bought the bundle of fat burner, tight tummy and the firm body I think. Omg my favourite is the tight tummy. Usually I’d eat and feel bloated but because it was the ‘norm’ for me, I didn’t even realise I had this issue. I’ve been using this for a week only taking two tablets a day and I’ve absolutely noticed a huge difference! Mind you I’ve been on holiday too and eating whatever the hell I want and see. I can’t wait to get back home and incorporate some exercise with these bad boys. I’m 30 this year and I feel like I’m about to finally get my dream bod. I will increase my dosage to 4 and definitely will be ordering some more. In fact, I’ve come on here to order more and thought I might leave a review. This has saved my life and I just cannot believe it. Thank you so so so so much! Absolutely amazing! And I didn’t get charged import tax by DHL either. Amazing!"
Lola Higham
This stuff works!
"This produce is way better than I expected! I have seen results even with no exercise at all since starting on these products. The cellulite on my thighs is completely gone, I eat somewhat smaller portions at meals and snack less due to the appetite suppressant, and I am not puffy/bloated anymore. Cant wait to see the results when I do add workouts back into my life! "
Amber O.
My purchase
"These pills really help me keep my appetite under control is just the solution I was looking for."
Delisa S.
Great product
"I’ve taken the tablets before and helped me lose weight from a size 10-12 to a 8-10. I’ve bought the product for someone who wanted something to help her lose weight. "
claire h.
I this it!!!
"I love this product I see results after just 3 days of taking it my bloated tummy went away. I will definitely buy it again and I recommend it to my friends too"
Moon R.
Love Lean & Sculpted
"I’ve been using the lean and sculpted bundle for three years. It’s my favorite and truly helps with keeping me feeling energized and less bloated throughout non workout day. It also aids with keeping me fully energized through my workouts! "
Zoey K.
Consistency is key!
"I have been using the Quick Shake bundle for a week now & can say I’m down 6 lbs!! Can’t wait to see where I am at by the time I finish these bottles. I’ve used the fat burners several times in the past for their energy boost. This is my first time ordering the bundle for weight loss & I don’t believe it’ll be my last!! It definitely works!! Remember, no matter how fast or how slow, progress IS progress!!"
Nadia R.
"Excellent, i feel myself not getting as bloated as i used to, i feel more energetic."
Amy B.
Amy B. verified customer review of Shape & Tone Bundle
Six pack review
"Very good thanks!!"
Matthew S.
"been using for 2 months with minimal exercise and a balanced diet ive lost 20 lbs"
Diva P.
Awesomeness in a bottle
"I loved them! These supplements played a major role in my weight loss. I reached a point were I wasn't dropping anymore pounds even though I was eating healthy and staying active. When I started these supplements they gave me that extra boost I needed. I recommend these products if you need that boost to lose weight."
Monica R.
Monica R. verified customer review of Weight Loss Bundle
Would highly recommend.
"I love this bundle. I feel energized and they really relieve all of the bloating I feel on a daily basis. Overall, these pills make me feel so good inside and ready to start my day. "
Destiny G.
Six pack bundle
"I have had good results from the product. No side effects or crash that similar products have produced. Will be a repeat customer. "
Anthony E.
stress relief for her .. vitamins
"I have been using these for several weeks now and l am a lot calmer and brighter generally.. will order again when l run out"
Stephanie S.
Amazing products!!!
"Amazing!! It gives me so much energy, has reduced bloating and helped me lose the last few stubborn pounds!! I've lost 3 inches off my waist, 14 lbs gone and have lost weight in my legs and almost have a thigh gap!! I will be ordering more!!"
Brittany H.
Excellent Products
"Delighted!!! very good"
I found it easy to
"I found it easy to follow and it was really helpful. I would highly recommend this work out plan to others. "
Nurzahidah L.