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Fit Affinity Customer Reviews


Bought it for my husband
"I bought the hers version and my husband wanted to try it. I got the his version and he loves it. "
Elena G.
Tight Tummy
"Excellent. Tightens my tummy. I feel strong and confident in the clothes I wear. "
Janelle D.
"Perfect thank you"
Susanne H.
Stress relief
"The results it’s amazing "
"I have been very happy with the product and I noticed reduced bloating after just a few days!"
Dawn B.
"I feel a difference and feel great!"
Tyler F.
"Awesome pills for IBS-C sufferers! Love it and can't say enough how good they are. I will always buy them cause nothing else works for me. Thank you so much for ending my suffering! "
Sanela P.
Excellent product
"I haven't weighed myself yet but I can see results in the two almost three weeks that I've been using this weight loss package. I feel less bloated and feel lighter..."
Monica R.
Excellent product!
"Shortly after taking the bundle, i had more energy theoughout the day and increased my stamina. I felt like it brought a balence back to my overall appetite and energy. Great great product!"
Debrs S.
These definitely work!!!
"Omg, these pills definitely work. I take the Lean Fat Burners before I work out. I take the firm sculptor with meals. I love the Tight Tummy they helped so much with my digestion and bloating. Love love love these . Ready to prefer again ! Ohhh yeahhhh not to mention the 19 pounds I’ve lost so far 😬"
Mar A.
If you work, so will it..
"I’ve been using the Lean Fat Burner for Her for about 8 months now overall! I have lost currently 65 pounds with a combination of eating healthy, taking the fat burner, AND exercising! In order for this to work you need to exercise as well! I love this product as it has helped me become healthier and reaching my weight loss goals. I have 15 pounds left til my over goal. This is the only product that I have found that works best for me. I tried a competitors product when Fit Affinity was sold out and it was a waste of money and it didn’t help me reach my goals. I will continue to use this product and other product from this company! Thank you! "
Excellent product
"I have used the lean fat burner for women for over the past year. They give me all the energy and drive I need to lose weight and exercise. I have lost over 30kg and only have another 5 to lose. I haven’t found anything else that would compare with these in conjunction to a healthy diet and exercise."
sue T.
Quicker fat loss results
"I recently purchased fat lean burner and I am very happy with the results I have lost 10 lbs with the use of this product and continued diet and exercise With out the product I did lose weight but it took longer to see results With the product I have lost 10 lbs in 30 days "
juanita s.
Best stuff ever..
"Ive been using all kinds of different diet but nothing works., until i saw this stuff on facebook i read all others comment. I ordered and try it.. Eating clean and no exercise needed.. i have lost 1 lbs each days.. i lost 12lbs in 13days and still using it.. I recommended to 2 of my cleint and they love them..."
Chao L.
My honest review
"Its awesome...after one bottle i from 60kg down to happy with the result."
Catherine M.
Excellent products
"Are a great products, I see result on my belly 😁, also stop cravings and this is good. I have more energy too. 💜"
Olga N.
Quick weight loss bundle
"I am amazed with these products. Not quite a month yet. Weight down 9 pounds but I notice inches off my stomach. Will continue with the products."
Becky P.
"Lost 10lbs in a month! Definitely recommend! "
Gabrielle R.
Very happy
"So far, I have been pleased with this purchase. No side effects, good energy, and I’ve lost 5 pounds in a week!"
Jenny S.
Great results!
"I am very please with this product. In March i was 240, Ian now 220 6/26/18. I see my face slimming, my body fat disappearing, I’m like wow. I have 6 children all by caesarean and it’s been hard for me to drop the weight but with fit affinity i have more control of my appetite now and I am more energized. Everything is not for everyone you find what works for you and this is what helps, motivate and work for me. I recommend! "
Christy M.
Tight Tummy
"I absolutely love the tight tummy pills. They help out a lot with belly bloating. "
Raven M.
Fierce Pre Workout
"It is awesome! I use it everytime before I hit the gym and it's the truth! I will definitely be purchasing again and would tell others to order it! It's the bomb dot comb!"
More than happy
"I absolutely love these products. I have been using for about two weeks and have lost 4 lbs already I love the tight tummy too! It always helps when I’m bloated! I highly recommend and WILL be buying more!!!"
Christiauna C.
Tight tummy
"I love it works and helps with bloating "
Kenya A.
"I have been using this product for almost a month and I have lost 15lbs "
Perla B.
Great I loved it
"I been using it for a month now and I lost a lot of weight it helped me not eat a lot and make good decisions about my eating choices also the fat burner I loved it so much for gym it made me sweat a lot and get a lot of energy at gym and tight tummy helped me not feel bloated which is a feeling I hate !"
Dulce G.
Order this
"It makes me feel amazing and I can a difference already. "
Lisa H.
Definitely Work!!!
"I love the combination! They really help with energy and burning fat. I use regularly."
Whitney J.
Great product!
"My husband loves these products. He fills great and is seeing results! "
Rachael D.
Works good 100% recommended
"First of all thank you. I like to used all bundle, works good on me and my cravings and bloating has gone done in very short amount of time. The flavor of the Vanilla is also delicious. 100% recommended"
Ana S.