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Fit Affinity Customer Reviews


Results are amazing!
"Love the products and definitely curbs appetite and helps with energy! I've been using this for a total of 3 weeks and have so far notice a big difference in my clothes feeling looser, my weight has gone down 9lbs, and can already start to see more definition in my body!"
Sheila K.
Love it!
"Love this product. It really works for me. "
Vanessa D.
Would recommend it
"Notice a big difference after a few days "
Michelle T.
Tight Tummy
"I have been taking the capsule for approximately 3 weeks and you definitely can see a difference. I can see my waist getting smaller...awesome!! I just starting running in addition to taking the pills. I can’t wait for the change. "
Adrienne W.
Works well for me!!!
"No bloating, works great for ibs! Love this product ❤"
Sanela P.
Amazing Product!
"One of the best preworkouts I’ve tried! It gives me that great preworkout feeling that motivates me to go hard in the gym. It definitely helps me get those extra reps when lifting & cuts my recovery time in half. I will definitely continue to purchase it! "
Ashley S.
Flatter tummy
"After using for 2 weeks less bloated and my stomach definitely looks it. Flatter than its been for years despite eating healthy and going to the gym. Will buy again "
"Been taking tight tummy for a week and loss 1 inch in my waist and no longer have issues with bloating only got 4 more inches to lose to get to my goal waist "
Donna ..
I have been using it
"I have been using it for a couple months now and I use it with exercise (running) and I have lost sizes I was a size 7 in jeans and know I'm between 5 and 3 and t shirts I was a size M now I'm a Small"
Linda J.
Linda J. verified customer review of Lean & Sculpted Bundle Linda J. verified customer review of Lean & Sculpted Bundle
"Wow such a great idea! Easy to follow plans too fitafinity your the best!"
My new favorite thing
"I have pretty severe IBS, so I get a lot of cramps, stomach bloating, and nausea. I take 2 in the morning and they work all day. I'm no longer bloated or in pain or wanna hurl. I LOVE the tummy pills and highly recommend them."
Rebecca ..
Amazing stuff
"So I got my bundles last week love it never hungry I do walk lots ::::::: riding my bike ::::: just got my water bottle this morn thank you so much I feel good more energy my sisters want to try also happy Monday everyone thank you again "
Nicole ..
I love this
"This pills helped with my belly bloated problem."
johanna o.
"This product is absolutely amazing! Been using this product for about a month with a healthy diet and exercise and I have lost weight and feel so much better! Definitely getting more! "
Tiffany T.
Big fan
"I liked how much energy it gave me for my workouts and definitely lost some fat but gained muscle at the same time"
nicole s.
Amazing resutls
"Definitely noticed a huge difference when going to the gym, after a few weeks I could see those hard to get rid of areas disappearing. Even when you're not at the gym taking theses throughout the day gives you so much energy and you feel so good about yourself. Definitely going to be a staple gym item for me."
Calista H.
Excellent Work
"It is a good experience and it´s changing my life entirely, I´ll keep taking it!!"
Carlos M.
Excellent pills
"Very good to control portion sizes surpresses appetite also helps with carb cravings. Thanks"
Heather p.
"I've purchased multiple times from this company and love the results I'm seeing! These pills are a god-send during 'that time of the month' helps relieve bloating and irritability."
Nikki S.
This actually works !!!
"I lost 3kgs in a month. I am very happy with the results."
Lavanya G.
Excellent product
"Product was good had a lot of benefits and helped :)"
Nathan L.
I fined the product very active
"Very good I have lost lots of weight "
Cynthia A.
5KG Loss With 4 weeks
"I loss my weight within 15 days, and yet I've seen more different after I continue for the second set of weight loss bundle. Total weight loss from 65.3 KG dropped to 59.4KG."
Joan Y.
Love it
"Absolutely brilliant! "
Jordan M.
Review on Tight Tummy
"This product is amazing. I take it every morning and my stomach feels so light the whole day. I am not waiting for the stock to come in so I can buy more!!!"
Jasmin K.
Fat Burner For Her
"Loved it! Curbed my appetite and gave me so much extra long lasting energy without the crash feeling. Definetly will be buying again."
daniella f.
Great product
"Great I lost 8kgs even not even one bottle finished. I would recommend this to those who want to slim down their body."
Sharifah ..
This and Lean fatburner
"taken together have amazing results. I have lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks with NO DIET OR EXERCISE! will definitely continue to use this product!!"
Alysa O.
It makes me sweat alot
"I take 2 pills a day before going to the gym, I do about 20-30min and this was big help with toning and building my abs"
Liz verified customer review of Lean Fat Burner for Her - 45 Day Supply
"I really like both of these, theyre better than pre workout drinks because they dont have the nasty taste."
Olivia J.