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Fit Affinity Customer Reviews


Amazing result
"The result was great! In just a few weeks I lost 9lbs. Of course with a healthy food and exercise. I will order again this products. "
Dayao S.
Nice bottle
"Great product and not made of cheap material! Cap is sturdy and doesn’t pop off easy which is great to be assured it won’t spill."
rebecca h.
It Works!
"I take these every day with or without a work out and I’ve been eating healthy I thought it was going to be very difficult for me to lose weight but it wasn’t! I don’t have much time for working out but I’ve been very good about my diet and I’ve dropped two pants sizes! I haven’t seen a size 2 for over 10 years, I’m so happy to say these worked wonders! "
Yvonne A.
Bye bye belly
"I just love it! Lately, I would feel bloated after eating and after a few days of taking Tight Tummy that was gone. I feel and look better. "
Ana D.
I love this product!!
"Ive been taking this product for several weeks and ive noticed a huge change in my stomach. Its gotten flatter and smaller around my waist. Would highly recommend!!"
Kellsey H.
Best Purchase Ever
"I've been using all three with a proper diet, and no exercise and I've lost about 10 pounds in three weeks. I absolutely love this product, I definitely recommend it!"
Alexis G.
V recommended products
"I have been using these products for almost half a year now, & I strongly recommend it. The best I have ever tried. "
Im pretty happy
"So i ordered the pack of 3 because i was getting chubby in my mind, and im almost out of the lean fat burner because you have to take them 3 a day as opposed to the others that you take 1-2 a day. But the results are amazing, i feel like they make me use the bathroom more, they shrink up my stomach so i become full quicker, and ive definitely lost a lot of belly fat and face fat without even needing to workout. Im gunna start incriminating a workout regiment this next week or so and i feel like i will not be disappointed, definitely would buy this again"
Hunter S.
Weight loss bundle and blender bottle
"Blender bottle is nice washes easy. I am currently taking the weight loss bundle , it is amazing . Never hungry, no cravings and best is no jitters or nausea !! I am getting ready to reorder and restock .. !! Great products "
Teri D.
"I’ve been using this product for 3 weeks and 4 days. I have lost 6 lbs and my jeans are becoming baggy in the leg area. My energy has increased dramatically and my appetite is definitely under control, I have a bad habit of snacking and binging on junk food. I would definitely recommend this product and can’t wait to see my results in the months to come!"
Megan W.
"I wasn't sure if this product was going to work for me but it has! It’s been a month but I noticed a difference in my bloating in a weeks time. My stomach was much flatter and my digestive system improved a lot. I had gallbladder surgery 2 years ago and I had major digestive and bloating issues and this product had really helped me. I’d refer anyone to buy it."
Kayla J.
"I was skeptical at first, I've tried several other products that claim to do similar things like burn fat, etc. But, I was amazed with Fit Affinity! I purchased the bundle of the fat burner, tight tummy, and sculptor, and have been taking them as instructed for about 3 weeks and I feel great! I have lost 4 inches around my tummy area, my legs are looking more toned also. I watch what I eat, but not too much, I exercise about 15-25mins twice a week since I started the products. So it's a great kickstarter getting my body into gear!! I don't feel jittery, or anything like that, clean energy throughout my day. Love them!!"
Leslie R.
Works for me
"The body sculptor really helped me with cravings. I am a big snaker and like sweets and taking this after meals really helped me not snack in between meals."
Brittany B.
Happy customer
"I lost 6lbs the first week and I am on week 2. I only expected or anticipated a 2lb per week goal. I am exercising with a goal of 15K steps a day. Very pleased with the energy it gives me and the appetite control I now have. I will be reordering."
Korina W.
Sculpting firm
"This is my second bottle I feel that I have found exactly what I needed. No side effects, easy on stomach, no jitters. Just helps curb appetite and the results are amazing.” Will purchase again, hope helps you as much as I feel helps me."
Maureen B.
Amazing product!
"My energy levels increased, my cravings stopped, my hunger was supressed! what I loved about it was that it's all natural ingredients - no harmful chemicals. Will definitely be buying again!"
Bree W.
Awesome product
"Loved them to bad there sold out would buy more today"
Anthony F.
"I really love this product. I've been using for more than two weeks now and I have noticed such a difference. Before taking this, I was always bloated after eating and it lasted throughout the day. Now I take two of these after breakfast and my stomach is always flat!! So happy I found this!"
Alexis K.
"Great experience, the product has been assisting my dieting very well. "
Jason R.
It's great
"I feel great, more energy, flatter stomach"
John B.
Amazing product
"I suffer really bad with bloating and this product has made such a diffrence"
Jody J.
Really Works!
"Within the first week i already started noticing the difference. I struggled with losing fat around my abdomen and the fat burner is really burning it away. I love the extra help with my workouts, active job, and nutrition. I feel more energized, a lot less tired in between and after workouts. It has also made my mood my better! This has also been working well with Tight Tummy! Bye bye fat and water weight! "
Energy and metabolic rate boosting!
"I have been taking the lean fat burn for over two years now, and I absolutely love it. It does take time to see results, so be patient with the product. I can promise you it does work. I went from being 160 lbs to 138 lbs in the first year, I'm 5'9" and it's very difficult for me to lose weight. Now I'm around 145 lbs but for this last year I've been taking lean fat burner on and off so I'm fine with the steady weight that I'm at right now. But, I think I will start taking them daily because they do really help with energy and boosting your metabolism! And along with regular exercise the results are crazy good. I do really love this product!"
Zoey K.
Zoey K. verified customer review of Lean Fat Burner for Her - 45 Day Supply
"I noticed a big difference in my belly ! "
Jasmine F.
"Amazing results. I lost 5 inches around my waist"
Shelby S.
"Im very bad at taking tablets so dont see a over all success on looking tight but!... i have had great results! I do recommend this product and ive tried a few different things over the years, its definietly great not having to take yucky shakes."
claire h.
Been using for months.
"I have used this product off and on and am now back on it for good. It gives me the energy I need without the jitters. It also has helped me burn fat. With portion control and minimal exercise, I have lost 37 lbs in just over 4 months."
Dena B.
Very happy
"Can feel the tablets working definitely "
David G.
Great supps
"Great supps would definitely use them again ! Even suggested them to a couple people and they purchased them...I am pretty lean so they do hear my advice, especially the tight core after a big meal definitely helped to get me on track quicker. Would love to share more about the supps my Instagram is 'Danieljones95' if you'd like to have a look and tell me what you think"
Daniel J.
Daniel J. verified customer review of Weight Loss Bundle - for Him
Amazing fatburners!
"I love how they are all natural ! Definitely have seen a huge difference and I am loving my body more and more each day !!!! :)"
Selina E.