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Fit Affinity Customer Reviews


His weight loss bundle
"Bought this for my husband and now he has lots of energy , lost inches. Now his clothes fit loose . we love this product definitely will buy again when we run out. "
Jasmine P.
"Its help with bloated"
Rosa S.
It works!
"I started using this product from january 2 2018 until today january 12 2018. I already lost 2 kilos. I go to gym and eat less than i usually do. 23klg more to lose!!! "
"I love my water bottle"
Jacqueline V.
Loving it!
"I'm 2weeks in on my weight loss bundle and my bloating has definitely gone down and it has helped me a lot with my eating habits. No longer hungry all day and 2kg down! Looking forward to the next 2weeks "
Michelle H.
"Magic Absolute magic, Kept to the same day to day habits and I lost weight and toned up!"
Brandon H.
Very good
"Weight loss bundle helps me a lot. It loose my weight by no side effect. Tight my tummy. Love it. "
Amporn T.
Supper Stuff
"I’m bought the three bottle pack n found them great I have lost 15lb n still goin and the customer service is top class I would highly recommend Fit Affinity "
Sheila O.
"I am a loyal customer of this fat burner. It works 100% and brings amazing results. If I don't take this with breakfast in the morning, I take it before I workout in the evening. Either way, always amazing!"
Sam R.
Amazing results!
"I’ve religiously consumed the supplements for my workout days. I’ve lost 5kgs in 2 months with it helps with my workout!"
Jed A.
Awesome product!
"I’m not finished yet but this supplement bundle has tremendously helped me get closer to reaching my goals ! "
Heather L.
"LOVE LOVE LOVE these pills!! So happy I found them. They have definitely helped me lose weight. The energy I get is awesome! I can work out harder than ever before. Thank you!"
"I'm a fulltime mother of a toddler so I barely have time to exercise or sleep. They give me the energy to go on during the day and I can tell I'm burning fat even if I exercise just for 15 mins a day. I would definitely buy it again!"
Priscilla G.
I love it!
"Fit affinity is really making a positive change in my life. So glad I bought as much of it as I did when I did. These two bundles should last me a while! Perfect purchase for the new year! Thank you again! "
Janelle I.
"Definitely works! Helps with my cravings throughout the day because I sure do love to snack!! I could see the difference within a couple weeks even when I wasn’t doing my regular workout routines and was just on my feet for 12 hours. "
Rachel P.
Love it
"Very good and helful at the gym give me more energy"
Yarden B.
amazing results
"i felt the results from the second week, now im in my second month"
Rana A.
"My love the preworkout and would def get more!!"
liz b.
Works like a charm
"I use this daily as prescribed in addition to my regular exercise, it WORKS "
Alana M.
Fat burner
"Fat burner is an excellent product to loose weight. When I start taking it , I always felt satiate and full of energy. I have lost 5 kg in a month. And I did not have any side effect. I would advise it to anyone that wish to loose weight. It is best to exercise as well, with this product you will feel full of energy. "
Junia N.
"The testboost has made a huge difference in sexual area and have lost some weight since I started the set. "
"I love each item in this bundle. I can feel with the pretraining drink is working, I have been able to lose weight, while eating kinda healthy (still eat a little bit of carbs other than that is mainly similar to a keto diet). My tummy is tighter than it has ever been and I always feel full. Amazing products "
Chrisie ..
Works great
"Great combo. Works great. Fat burner gave me a lot of energy. Tight tummy is a great product. And body sculptures keeps me from being hungry late night. Highly recommended.After my 3rd pregnancy i was able to lose all my weight to my original weight and now I weight less."
Suekanya K.
Great Product
"With this being the first time using the weight loss bundle, I was concerned it wouldn’t work. I was wrong! I had more energy, definitely less cravings and less bloating. Within a week I could see the difference. I will definitely be buying these products again. "
Delphia H.
"I love these supplements. They have a boosted my mood and overall feeling of wellbeing, given me a ton more energy and I’ve lost 6 kilos, I have only been on them for two weeks so I look forward to the remaining weeks to come. They’ve kept me “regular” and have assisted me greatly."
"All my stomach problems dissapeared."
Elena W.
It really works!!!
"I've tried other, more expensive product that did not work. This by far is the best product I've tried and seeing results with recommended"
Cynthia A.
Firm Body Sculptor for Her
"This is my third or fourth time ordering this product. I have a noticeable difference in my craving levels when I take it after a meal, and I have less urges to snack between meals. I will continue to buy this product."
Sarah H.
"I've been using the product for a week and it really works, it gives you energy. You feel super active wanting to run half the park."
Fit affinity
"Love having no cravings. I am eating 3 meals a day and craving little to no sugar. "
Kate M.