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Fit Affinity Customer Reviews


Tight Tummy
"I absolutely love them they have made such a difference I always felt bloated in the tummy especialy after eating know I can eat and not feel so bloated that it was so uncomfortable I dont think I be able to survive with out them I will be a customer forever I think very happy with your product thankyou fit affinity "
Jenny J.
"2 months in...21 pounds down....23 to go!!!! Happy with product"
valle-zarakas, m.
Tight Tummy really works.....
"This product is amazing. You feel a difference and see results immediately. I feel so much better"
"Gives me energy. Lessens my appetite majorly. Flattening my belly fat. Lost 5 lbs already! Very pleased with this product alone :-)"
Melissa P.
Pre-workout Fix
"I absolutely LOVE my pre-workout fix the taste is very good and it gives me that extra boost of energy I need with no jitters. "
Gabriela A.
Gabriela A. verified customer review of Fierce Pre Workout
"It really works, give me a lot of energy while work out, and also helped me to lose almost 20 pounds... I love it."
zania a.
Weight loss bundle
"When I ordered these items, I wasn't really sure how they would work. The products in the weight loss bundle are amazing. "
Brandi H.
it's the best fat burning
"it's the best fat burning I know 😍😍😍"
Valentina R.
love this stuff
"I would so recommend this to any woman. It did what is said it would do. I felt great and I didn’t even go to the gym and I still lost weight with just doing my regular activities. Finally something that works! still want to lose a few more pounds but I think I will get there with this product. Thanks Fit Affinity "
June O.
I love it!
"Lost inches and stomach is not bloated as much."
Victoria H.
Love it!!!
"Im so happy with the product. I had so much more energy and felt happier. Kept me on track with my eating and exercising. The shipping was so quick and the products helped me drop those stubborn kilos!! I can't stop bragging about these cute capsules! I also suffer from IBS so i was concerned on how i would react but I've felt that these have actually helped me. Thank you for an amazing and safe product! "
Larissa H.
12 week home workout guide
"This workout guide is great and easy to follow. I'm happy with my results and I continue to use these workouts after completing the 12 weeks! "
Erin B.
12 week butt program
"Quick and easy workouts! Love! I look forward to buying the rest! "
Melissa E.
Excellent I would definitely buy from u again
"The products are very good.. within 5 days of started using it, I noticed alot of changes, even my eating habit reduced drastically. Thanks so much, I will buy more products again"
Odimmegwa S.
Fat burner
"I find it really helpful with the amount of energy I have can really tell the difference if I don’t take them "
Jane S.
Simply Love it.
"Within the first week of using it, I felt less bloated, have less urge to eat candies. I'll definitely use it further! :) "
Aleksandra C.
Love love love it
"No jitters, more energy. Increased my workouts & my sweating a ton! I lost about 6lbs right off the bat using this product. I'll order again!"
Alyssa N.
very affective
"I have taken the fit affinity fat burners before, but this is the first time taking the three together, I have found them to be great, no sickness or side effects, and work really well. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for fat burners etc that actually work, with no nasties. Personally, i will be continuing to purchase these in the future."
mara j.
Excellent Products
"This product is wonderful. The Tight Tummy has really helped me with massive bloating issues I have."
Bessy C.
Bloat control
"I have noticed a difference in a short period of time that my stomach has been tighter and my bloating is under control. "
Romondia H.
"Started using the fat burner, tummy tight and body sculptor 15 days ago! The results are amazing! I lost 2kg, 6cm around my waist, 3cm around my hips and almost 5cm around my buttocks. I will definitely get more! I was sceptical at first, but I swear to it! Follow the diet in the eBooks and try to stick to my gym routine as much as possible, and I'm loving what I'm seeing!!!"
Tight Tummy
"At First I was a little bit sceptique, you see this supplements everywhere. So you’re like yeah whatever does it work , I tried it to see for myself i have a series bloating problem and I have seen a big change. Even though I should work out , it still helps to kick out the bloat !!! I’m gonna start soon working out and I have already ordered a second bottle !!! "
Gloria L.
Might be a lifesaver
"Just bought these. I suffer from really bad bloating, which includes stomach distension, stomach swelling, and uncomfortable pain. It gets worse with hormonal fluctuations which are also constant for me. I was having a bad bloat episode and decided to pop 2 of these in my mouth. Within 5 mins, I noticed my stomach started to feel calmer and relax, and I was feeling better and not in pain. Omg is this real? This is my 1st time using.... I will continue and keep u posted, i hope its finally the answer to my prayers. "
Jocie r.
Amazing Product
"Was not disappointed with the Weight Loss Bundle!! Has helped me to drop a few kgs and tone my tummy. The tablets don't leave a bitter or disgusting taste in your mouth. Will definitely continue using Fit Affinity products :) "
Kristy M.
Satisfied customer
"28 lbs since May I love the product and results"
Anonymous ..
Belly bloat
"I have always battled with digestive issues. I feel these products, especially the belly bloat has really helped! Definitely purchase again! "
Tracy P.
Great product
"I definitely like the energy it gives me for my workouts !! "
Milva P.
Love it!
"Since starting menopause nothing has helped I just kept getting bigger and bigger and now with Fat burner and a little exercise I'm losing weight! Great product."
Alexandra K.
I would definitely recommend this
"I been using this for a short period of time but I love the energy it gives me before going to the gym "
Cinthya G.
"I have had nothing but positive results from this product! I am a fitness instructor and I teach a very high intense cycle class; this gives me the extra boost I need to stay focused and also helps trim off the excess weight. I am no longer in my plateau!"
lynnsay p.