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12 Week Ab Workout Plan


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  • Fit Affinity 12 Week Ab Workout Plan

    This plan is tailored to give you an extensive understanding of what it takes to achieve that all important definition in your mid-section, and includes a comprehensive overview of the science behind the role of abdominals in your anatomy.

    Are you stuck in a sit-up rut? For most, a core workout means endless abdominal crunches in a quiet corner of the gym in the vague hope that a six-pack will begin to appear, but just how effective is your technique? When it comes to your core, quality not quantity is the secret to success. One of the most important and often overlooked muscle groups is the core. A weak core will hinder your progress, set you up for injury, and restrict your potential for enhancing the rest of your physique. The conventional sit-up is old news - a fresh, challenging and effective plan is the only barrier between you and a tight, sculpted mid-section.

    Specifically designed to target your entire mid-section from front to back, this 12-week ab workout plan consists of 5 workouts a week. By incorporating a combination of exercise focused on abdominals, obliques and the wider core area, this workout will have you twisting, crunching and planking your way to sculpted perfection. A strong core will support your entire muscular set up, helping to prevent back pain whilst improving form and assisting with balance, flexibility, stability and strength. So skip the sit-ups and prepare to carve those abs that you crave!

    What’s Included

    • 12 week ab workout plan
    • Beginner workouts
    • Intermediate workouts
    • Advanced workouts
    • Exercise images
    Plus loads more!

    What You’ll Learn

    • The importance of ab training
    • Areas of the stomach
    • Targeting the abs
    • Best equipment for ab training
    • Importance of breathing
    • Myths vs reality
    • Proper form for ab exercises

    Workout Preview

    ab workout plan

    *The workout plan is an ebook which will be available for immediate download after the checkout and will also be sent to you in email for download. It works on all devices: iphone, ipad, android, computer, mac and tablet.

    Results & Reviews

  • Ab Workout Preview

    12 week ab workout plan for women
    12 week ab exercises
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When will I start to see results?
    You will start to see results within 2 short weeks, this is the time most ladies start to notice changes in their body.

    How long is each workout?
    Each workout is roughly 30-45mins depending on your fitness level.

    Can I combine plans?
    The Ab Workout Plan can be combined with any workout plan and if combined the ab workouts should be done as the last exercises of the session.

    Can I repeat the plan?
    Yes the plan can be repeated.

    Can I keep the plan forever?
    After your purchase the plan is yours to keep forever.

    Can the plan be printed out?
    Absolutely the plan can easily be printed out as well.

    Can I use the plan on multiple devices?
    Yes, you can forward the plan to use on multiple devices. 

    Is it a one time payment?
    Yes, It is a one time payment and there are no hidden fees or charges.

    Who do I contact if I need help?
    You can contact our support team by emailing Support@fitaffinity.com

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Kerryann Beckstead

12 week abs

I have loved everything about your programs


Can't wait

Can't wait to get started



I love it


Love it!

I love the variety of the exercises and the previous planned exercises


so far so good

I am starting my second week and I'm loving it! I am doing this workout combined with another one and so far I can already tell a difference on how much I can do!


Trying it out

I want to give this a go people say it works so cant wait :)

Raquel Mendoza


I bought this workout plan filling a bit optimistic, but after doing just two weeks I seen great results. Im super impressed.


First time

This is my first program I am buying from this site and I couldn't be more excited! I've seen such amazing results from people through these packages!

Jenn O

second program im buying

I bought the 12 week body sculpting program and I love it. im excited to try this with it.

Carisa Magno

Trying it out

OMG Im so buying this right now, im so positive that this will help me.