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    Can’t stand competing for the dumbbells with the New Year newbies? Does the mere concept of a costly gym membership make your eyes water, or do you simply begrudge wasting your precious time travelling to and from the gym? Don’t let these excuses hold you back from achieving your dream body!

    Fit Affinity’s 7 Day Bikini Body Guide fits in with your hectic lifestyle, can be per- formed in the comfort of your own home, and, most importantly, you won’t have to step foot in the gym! If you have attempted to exercise at home in the past, but hit a brick wall, then this program is for you. Expertly designed and easy to follow, this 7 Day Bikini Body Guide comprises full body workouts that tackle the entire physique. Using a combination of multi-joint compound exercises that target several muscle groups at once, alongside muscle specific isolation movements, you will trigger your body’s maximum fat burning capacity whilst building strength, stamina and flexibility to sculpt and tone your body to perfection!

    As you advance through the program, the workouts will intensify in order to challenge you as you step up your fitness and endurance levels. To complement your strength training, the program also incorporates Low Intensity Steady State cardio (LISS) to ensure maximum fat burning results and to enhance cardiovascular fitness. Whether you’re a beginner embarking on your journey to fitness perfection, or a seasoned fitness freak looking for some fresh moves, an extensive exercise index is included to ensure you carry out the specified movements effectively and constructively.

    The first and most critical step for results, whether at home, in the garden, or even your local park, is an approved, goal-based program, so grab some dumbbells, throw on something comfortable and let’s get started!

    What’s Included

    • 7 day bikini body guide
    • full body workouts
    • circuit workouts
    • exercise images
    Plus more!

    Workout Preview

    7 Day Bikini Body Guide

    *The workout plan is an ebook which will be available for immediate download after the checkout and will also be sent to you in email for download. It works on all devices: iphone, ipad, android, computer, mac and tablet.

    Results & Reviews

  • Workout Preview

    7 Day Bikini Body Guide
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When will I start to see results?
    You will start to see results within 2 short weeks, this is the time most ladies start to notice changes in their body.

    How long is each workout?
    Each workout is roughly 25-30mins depending on your fitness level

    What equipment will I need for the 7 Day Bikini Body Guide?
    We appreciate that a home workout plan means less access to fancy equipment, so we’ve kept what you need to a minimum; we’ve provided a list of equipment below, Before you get started, you will need a few things:

    A pair of dumbbells
    Medicine ball
    Exercise ball/swiss ball
    Skipping rope
    Stop watch
    Yoga mat

    Can I repeat the plan?
    Yes the plan can be repeated

    Can I keep the plan forever?
    After you download the plan is yours to keep forever

    Can the plan be printed out?
    Absolutely the plan can easily be printed out as well

    Is the plan really free?
    Yes, It is completely Free and there are no hidden fees or charges

    Can I use the plan on multiple devices?
    Yes, you can forward the plan to use on multiple devices 

    Who do I contact if I need help?
    You can contact our support team by emailing

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Adwoa M.

It was okay just a

It was okay just a little challenging since i did it at home and didn't have some of the equipment needed.

Carman K.
Hong Kong


It is excellent that I can follow the steps in this 7days

Jessica Garcia

good butt kick!

great plan! easy to follow



I can't wait to try this seven day free workout. Hopefully it will get me on the right track.



I love working out and am extremely excited to try this guide! Can't wait.