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Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

30 June 2015 Posted by David Vassilakis
Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and vegetables should make up a large portion of your diet -- all women need at least five
servings every day. in general, fruits and veggies are low in calories and rich in vitamins,
minerals, phytochemicals and fiber.
A few tips to increase your fruit and vegetable intake:
Apples, pears, bananas, oranges and cherry tomatoes don't need refrigeration so you can keep
them in plain view on your countertop. Grab a piece of fruit or a handful of cherry tomatoes for a
low-cal snack.
Stock up on frozen vegetables. They're quick and easy to prepare in the microwave or on the
stovetop. You can choose single vegetables such as peas, carrots, green beans, or cauliflower,
or you can try seasoned blends of vegetables.
Pre-cut and pre-washed salads-in-a-bag make mealtime easy. Just don't assume that the pre-
washed salad mixes are really clean. Give them a good rinse before preparing your meal.