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Mango Health Benefits

19 July 2015 Posted by Fit Affinity
Mango Health Benefits Mangos used to be hard to find in your local grocery store, but now they're available year round. That's good to know because theyre so tasty. But, mangos are more than delicious; they're also good for you. They're full of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and C, plus they're high in fiber.

Mangos also contain quercetin, mangiferin and norathyriol -- all potential antioxidant compounds that may have major benefits.

A mango can be peeled, sliced and eaten as a healthy snack or used to make an amazing fruit smoothie along with some ice, yogurt, a peach or banana, and some milk or almond milk.

So what if you're shopping for mangos and not quite sure how to choose the perfect mango? It's easy -- give it a little squeeze. A ripe mango should be only slightly soft like a ripe peach or avocado. Choose mangos that have an unblemished skin.

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