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3 Core Exercises For A Flat Stomach

30 June 2015 Posted by Fit Affinity
3 Core Exercises For A Flat Stomach Intergrate the following exercises into your core routine
two to three times a week.
Side hip-ups
Lie on your right side and prop yourself up on one elbow so your shoulder
lines up with your elbow. Your hand should be in front of you. Keep your
legs straight out to your side, feet stacked on top of one another. Place
your left hand on your left hip.
Slowly raise your hips by engaging your core and pushing against the floor
with your feet until your body forms a straight line. Do 10 on each side, or
as many as you can do in good form. -
Place yourself in a push-up position. Keep your core engaged as you roll
up on the tops of your sneakers and hike up your hips toward the ceiling,
forming an upside down "V." Pause, then slowly make your way back out to starting position, and
repeat. im for 10 or more reps, or as many as you can do while
maintaining good form. -
Steam engines
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind your head, with
fingertips lightly touching each other (just as you would do for a crunch on
the floor). Keep your elbows out to the sides. Engage your abdominal
muscles as you rotate your upper body and try to touch your right elbow to
your left knee 20 times. Then, repeat with the left.
Do the same 19 times on each side, then 18 times, 17 times, 16 times and
so on, until you reach a single rep on each side.
always, be sure to eat healthy and do cardio along with these exercises for a Flat Stomach

*Results may vary from person to person