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Dragon Fruit Health Benefits

01 August 2015 Posted by David Vassilakis
Dragon Fruit Health Benefits Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin A, fiber and lycopene so it’s packed with benefits. The combination of nutrients is good for your eye health and may help to slow progression of a condition called macular degeneration.

Eating dragon fruit is good for your skin — the vitamin C keeps your connective tissue strong and helps keep those wrinkles away. Vitamin A is also essential for healthy skin. Dragon fruit is good for your heart — the fiber helps keep your cholesterol levels at healthy levels and eating foods that are high in lycopene is associated with having a decreased rick of heart disease.

Research also suggests dragon fruit can help prevent high blood pressure. The fiber in dragon fruit is also good for your digestive system and can slow down the absorption of sugars so it helps you avoid spikes in blood sugar. Your immune system will benefit from dragon fruit as well. The vitamin C, along with an array of antioxidants help your immune system’s ability to ward off infections such as colds and flu.