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Guava Health Benefits

31 July 2015 Posted by David Vassilakis
Guava Health Benefits Guavas are a tropical fruit grown in the Caribbean. Its usually eaten raw, stewed or served as guava juice. Guavas contain more than twice the amount of vitamin C that women need every day for healthy skin and strong immune system function. Guava is also high in fiber that your digestive tract needs to stay healthy.

Eating guava may be good for your heart
its high in potassium, which may help keep your blood pressure in a healthy level, plus the fiber may help to reduce cholesterol. Guava is also high in lycopene, which is a phytochemical thats been associated with heart health.

Guava is also high in vitamin A, which is essential for healthy hair and normal vision, and beta-carotene, another important antioxidant. Finally, eating guava provides you with several B-complex vitamins that help convert the food you eat into energy important on those days when you have a heavier work out.