Tangerine Health Benefits

Tangerine Health Benefits

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Tangerines are those cute little oranges that are easy to peel and super tasty. They're good for your health because theyre nutritious.

Tangerines are high in vitamin C that will help prevent wrinkles by keeping the connective tissue underneath your skin healthy. Theyre also high in potassium that works in opposition to sodium to keep your blood pressure in check. Tangerines are also high in fiber, which will help keep your digestive system healthy and can keep cholesterol levels down.

Tangerines are the perfect fruit for most weight loss dietseach fruit has only 35 calories. Satisfy your craving for something sweet without ruining your calorie count.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast that includes a tangerine instead of orange juice. Eat a tangerine or two for an afternoon snack or pack a tangerine in your lunch.

Choose tangerines that have a deep orange color and are firm, or maybe just slightly soft, and feel heavy for their size.