Improve the Flavor of Water

Improve the Flavor of Water

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Drinking water is essential for good health and can help you lose weight. But, what if you don’t like the flavor of plain boring tap water? No problem – just add a little fresh fruit. You might be surprised at how much flavor one little wedge or lemon or lime adds to a glass of water.


But why stop there? Almost any fruit can add a nice flavor to plain water. Sliced strawberries, grapes, melons, oranges, kiwi, cucumbers and grapefruit are good for starters.


Here's what you do:

  1. Grab a good sized pitcher -- half gallon or so is fine.
  2. Wash and slice a whole lemon, orange or two limes.
  3. Put the fruit in the pitcher. Add the water.
  4. Keep the pitcher in the refrigerator -- in about an hour or so, the fruit will infuse the water with plenty of flavor. 


Play around with different combinations and amounts of fruit. Fresh herbs can add subtle flavor as well. Try these combos:


Melon and mint

Strawberries and basil

Mango and cilantro

Grapes and thyme

Blueberries and lavender